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CannaWrite is the only company you will ever need to help your cannabusiness stand out above the rest... Knowledgeable, diligent, and as professional as they come, CannaWrite is exactly what is needed in a rapidly growing and controversial space like ours! - HARDCAR


“I was in need of expertise in the cannabis content industry and CannaWrite was my go to! Anne-Marie was able to take what I was envisioning and create my beautiful website that has given me the platform for the next venture in my cannabis career. Anne-Marie is an absolute pro at what she does and she does it with passion which is key when you are hiring someone to put your dreams into words. Efficiency, professionalism and communication are very important and without fail these are just a few of the business characteristics that Anne-Marie and CannaWrite embody.” - Paula Mason, Wellness Consultant

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CannaWrite is a 100% non-plant touching operation, meaning that employees never come in contact with, promotes, sells, or trades cannabis for services as a function of the business. We are dedicated to advancing the 100% legal cannabis market, and operate within the regulations of Canada’s Cannabis Act and within the laws of the legalized U.S. states we work within.

CannaWrite remains a faithful and devoted advocate towards cannabis legalization worldwide.