Cannabis Content, Research and Communication Services

CannaWrite is the leading team of cannabis writers in the cannabis industry. We provide effective cannabis copywriting services, educational cannabis content, and engaging optimized web copy for emerging, new and developed cannabis businesses around the globe. Our talented writing team is pleased to offer the following cannabis writing services to the cannabis industry:

Cannabis Content Services


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In addition to helping clients brainstorm engaging titles and topics, CannaWrite is a widespread ghostwriter and industry influencer for the global cannabis industry, with a focus on the Canadian, U.S. and European cannabis markets.

Our cannabis copywriting services employ the best practices in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for our clients, WHILE creating content that people will actually want to read. We take content planning off your plate, creating cannabis content that is a call to action towards what you have to offer. 

CannaWrite offers fixed-cost services and the ability to set up a no-obligation blogging subscription service. 

  • Press Releases

Emerging news must be readable, and engaging to the audience. CannaWrite helps cannabis industry partners develop, and release, press releases that describe your emerging story while ensuring it’s newsworthy! Don’t bury the leed - let professional writers help you write your story in a way that resonates.  

  • ebooks & WHITE PAPERS

We've worked with some of the most recognizable brands to produce high-quality eBooks and white papers that inform, educate, and inspire others to take action on important areas in cannabis.

eBook writing includes getting to know your content, and designing effective outlines for your book before writing it. Using learning outcomes for your reader, a CannaWrite eBook will develop cannabis copy and cannabis education that makes sure your audience understands what you want them to know. 

Your CannaWrite eBook will be well-researched, well-formatted, easy to read, and will wow your readers with page-turning and informative material that will step up their cannabis knowledge game.

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  • Knowledge Translation(KT)

CannaWrite has a background in advanced research and education. Knowledge Translation (KT) employs innovative techniques including infographics, presentations, videos, and other engaging materials to make research and data more palpable to the general public.

Need a professional research report, graph, a pie chart, or a creative web graphic that communicates results and the impact of research studies? CannaWrite can do this for you, ensuring your branding is on point and your audience is engaged.



With a dedication to providing informational and engaging cannabis education content, CannaWrite employs an advanced background in education and adult education to the development of curriculum, training documents, and content for online learning platforms. CannaWrite is eagerly seeking opportunities to help contribute to the knowledge teaching and learning base surrounding cannabis and marijuana, helping cannabis businesses and organizations develop their cannabis education programs. 


Anne-Marie has a background in Human Resources and Career Development, spending much of her career working as a recruiter for a large firm and also helping young people navigate the job market. I am dedicated to helping people scrub their professional image through an effective resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letters that make you stand out.

Contact Anne-Marie, Founder and Director of Client Development at to discuss a collaboration, or fill out our Collaboration Form to connect.

Coaching Services

Interested in becoming a cannabis writer? Anne-Marie offers coaching services for individuals and companies emerging into the cannabis industry in the areas of cannabis writing and marketing your services to the cannabis industry. Learn more about coaching services here.

Pricing and Fees

CannaWrite's fees are based on the client's needs and the service level required. Fees for CannaWrite’s content start at $80USD. CannaWrite maintains transparent fees that can be accessed through connecting with