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Here you'll find a collection of some of CannaWrite's recent articles with our top-quality cannabis business clients. CannaWrite is pleased to provide articles under the CannaWrite brand or ghostwritten for cannabis professionals in their name.  

"We hired Anne-Marie and CannaWrite to assist us with our social media, blog posts, website editing as well as assisting some of our high profile cannabis clients with content creation. CannaWrite's work exceeded our expectations, was always delivered on time and on budget. Professional content creation really enhances your company image and elevates your brand. Call Anne-Marie and her team at CannaWrite to take your project to the next level. I highly recommend their work. - Kurt Whitt, Founder and CEO, Studio 420: A Cannabis-Friendly Creative Agency


Suburban Moms that Smoke Weed Do More Than Hotbox Minivans

"Like most North American mothers, Nicolette, a 31-year old healthcare administrator juggles the workload of a job and motherhood. After a day of work and patience-testing traffic, the family prepares dinner, enjoys some quality time together, and like most households, a taxing bedtime routine. Once her kids settle into bed, she finally has time for herself. So she reaches for her glass pipe, loads the bowl with her favorite strain takes a hit...Read more on HERB


How one nurse weaned her husband off opioids after seeing the crisis from the inside

One year ago, when her husband Don received a cancer diagnosis that gave him a 15 percent chance to live, Ashley feared she’d have to watch the man she loved most experience the brutality of treatment with little relief. As a longtime nurse, she knew what the treacherous journey—beginning with a cancer diagnosis—was like all too well. Ashley, who declined to give her last name, had spent her career watching countless patients take opioids to alleviate their pain only to have their lives ruined even more by addiction. Read more at HERB...


Canndora is a subscription box for high-quality cannabis products, curated for women by women. Anne-Marie Fischer Moodie is a proud collaborator with Canndora's community, where women talk about issues surrounding cannabis and women's health and lifestyle. 

OOV Lifestyle

Oov Lifestyle is bringing a new face to cannabis that focuses on feminity, feminism, sexuality and the important roles of women, including motherhood. Anne-Marie Fischer Moodie is a proud contributor with the Oov Lifestyle team in creating engaging women-focused content.

MArijuana Retail Report

Studio 420: A Cannabis Friendly Creative Agency

CannaWrite enjoys a partnership with Studio 420: A Cannabis Friendly Creative Agency, which provides unique, attractive and high-function design for some pretty impressive businesses in the cannabis industry. Here is a guest post by CannaWrite that was recently featured on the creative agency's blog.



International Highlife

A "community with a different pace" International Highlife is a website where you'll find up-to-date, relevant, and interesting information about everything cannabis-related. CannaWrite is proud to have engaged in a partnership with International Highlife as a featured writer. CannaWrite often reports on critical issues facing legalization and research studies that emerge around cannabis. 

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