Cannabis Education & Speaking Engagements

CannaWrite is offering community organizations, parenting groups, teachers, health professionals, universities, schools, and other suitable organizations within the Vancouver Island, Mainland British Columbia, and South-Western Ontario regions the following presentation:

Unlearning Cannabis

Cannabis has forever been under the stigmas associated with the "lazy stoner", and with legalization of recreational cannabis looming, some Canadian citizens are concerned about what legal cannabis will mean for their lives and communities.

"Unlearning Cannabis" represents a commitment to discard everything you once knew about cannabis, in order to replace it with more accurate information about the cannabis plant, its uses, and what legalization means for Canadians.

Presentation topics include:

  • Origins of cannabis prohibition in Canada;

  • The Cannabis Plant 101

  • Medical Uses of Cannabis: Research and Case Studies

  • Recreational Cannabis: History in U.S. States & Canada's Cannabis Act

  • Benefits of cannabis on adults

  • Potential threats of cannabis for adults, teens, and children

  • Safe cannabis consumption

  • Learning from past mistakes with controlled substances

  • Mindful cannabis use

  • Talking to your teenager, colleagues or peers about cannabis

This isn't the same as the V.I.P. presentations that children received in school that urged them to "say no to drugs". This is an unbiased glance at cannabis and what it means for our communities and our countries.

Participants of this 1.5 hour session will be able to:

  • Understand the various parts of the cannabis plant;

  • Recognize different available products, methods of consumption;

  • Understand safe consumption and dosage;

  • Use tools to have powerful and meaningful discussions about cannabis with others

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