Career Coaching for Emerging Cannabis Writers & Industry Professionals

Anne-Marie fucking gets it. She knows the cannabis industry inside and out and can translate her knowledge to your situation in a laser second. Even with all that technical and compliance knowledge, she gives you room to be your true self while figuring out how to help you move forward in the industry. If you need to emerge or move forward in cannabis, this is the person you want at your side. I am so grateful to have found her. - Morgan Elizabeth Brown, Principal, Asterion Agency

CannaWrite is pleased to offer new and emerging cannabis writers and other industry professionals career coaching, geared towards helping you find your niche within the industry. This coaching is most suitable for those who want to work for themselves, with location independence.

Through CannaWrite, I have been able to find career satisfaction, a stable salary, and opportunities to work with clients on projects that stimulate my mind and interests, while working with 100% location independence. I feel privileged to contribute to the cannabis community through providing professional content and other professional services on a freelance basis.

Working with hundreds of cannabis clients in diverse companies, I have gained a strong handle on the opportunities within the industry not only for content creators like me, but for all skill sets who are interested in entering this exciting industry. Now, I am ready to help others find happiness and satisfaction within the cannabis industry, and beyond!

By working with me through 1-Hour Personalized Career Coaching Sessions, it is my hope that you will:

  • Discover your personal interests in the cannabis industry

  • Make your list of “must haves” in a new career in cannabis a reality

  • Find the right career path for you to pursue within the industry (i.e. in a freelance role, sub-contracting, or in a hired position within a company)

  • Identify your transferable skills from your previous education, experience and expertise that can be highlighted for the cannabis industry

  • Build your professional brand to get you, and your services noticed within the industry

  • Find the tools to help you become informed, up-to-date and resourceful within the cannabis industry

  • Confidently network yourself, and what you offer the industry by effectively monetizing your talents and services

Sessions are individualized and client-driven, in which we prepare an agenda together of what we will discuss based on your interests and my knowledge base. I prepare a “program” of sorts for each session that I take you through, making it as interactive and informative as possible.

To start, I would like to book a 15-minute FREE consultation with you. You can book this 15-minute consultation here:

Following the 15-minute consultation, I will invite you to take part in our first 1-hour session, for fees that we will discuss.

For any questions about Career Coaching in the Cannabis Industry, please contact me at

Anne-Marie’s Professional Qualifications

  • 10 years in the academic, higher education industry in a teaching/learning role

  • Master of Education focused on adult learning, knowledge translation, research, and coaching

  • 7+ years in a career development/advisory role for students in higher education setting

  • Diploma in Human Resources Management

  • 3+ Years in a professional recruitment role