The (Cannabis) Universe Needs More Good Editors

The great novelist Kurt Vonnegut said, "The universe needs more good editors," and he was right.

We live in a world of information overload, where it's all too easy to spew crap onto the keyboard that lacks polish, flow, and a clear message. As I've said so many times in private and public conversations, there is no such thing as a good writer without an editor behind her or his back.


As I've grown as a writer, I've recognized and fully embraced the role of an editor into my work.

They help me get through the "blindness" I can get into with my own words, pick up the mistakes my eyes (or my digital editor) don't pick up, or give me food for thought on ways that pieces or excerpts can be best structured and presented.

Cannabis content that creates impact is planned for, outlined, developed, drafted, pulled apart, torn apart, revised, re-written, reframed, and at times totally re-done before it's posted. It's an effort of not just the writer, but sometimes a team, to present some of the most important projects in the best, most concise, and most effective way.

To all publications, follow suit with some of the incredible publications CannaWrite works with: make your editor's work a priority, as they're the glue that holds the whole publication together while keeping us writers on our toes and at the top of our game.