Content Writer or Copywriter: What’s Right for Your Cannabis Business?

I am a content writer for the cannabis industry, but I wouldn’t say that I am a copywriter, and I purposely refrain from calling myself that because of the services I provide.

Why? Isn’t a writer for the cannabis industry simply just someone who has a gift for words and can place text on your website to get your cannabis business noticed? Not exactly.

From my understanding, there are quite a few differences between a copywriter and a content writer. Neither is better than the other, but the differences are important, especially if you’re thinking about where you want to spend your money in terms of hiring professionals.

What type of writer is best for your cannabis business? Here’s a few ways to break it down:

What do you want to be noticed for?

This comes down to the purpose of your cannabis business and the way you’re wanting to engage your intended audience.

If you want to have functional writing, that gets someone to click on your product, read a little bit about what you offer in a concise way, and perhaps make a purchase, hire a copywriter.

If you want to become an established authoritative voice within your niche of the cannabis industry and produce more long-form information that adds to the body of knowledge on cannabis, while having people engage with your brand, hire a content writer.

How do you want to engage your customer?

If you’re interested in an article that presents some valuable information about your product, and uses all the right keywords and buzzwords to get your product ranking to the top of search engines, and has your ideal customer complete a mission like buy something, hire a copywriter. This will result in a highly transactional relationship with your client that will be based on your ability to provide a product or service.

If you’re interested in an article that presents thorough, well-planned information that intends to get your client coming back to your site, has people anticipating your content, by continuously developing your brand strategy, hire a content writer. This will make ensure that your relationship with your client becomes transformational as you are a provider of information that can have long-lasting impact on their lives.

What is your goal?

If your goal is in dollar signs, and you want get people on to your website where they can glimpse your extensive online catalogue of products with very thorough and snappy product descriptions, hire a copywriter.

If marketing and advertising is your goal, hire a copywriter.

If your goal is to share your knowledge, add to increasing the value of the information in the cannabis space, and establish yourself as a leading expert in your field, hire a content writer.

If engaging, informing and educating is your goal, hire a content writer.

What’s the Best Part?

The best part is that there is room for, and opportunity for, both copywriters and content writers in the cannabis field, as each serves a different function and purpose for what you’re wanting to get out of your content.

Not sure where to go? Connect with CannaWrite and my team can help you determine whether you’re looking for content writing or copywriting. If it’s a fit for us, we’ll work together to onboard you as your content writing provider. If it’s not a fit for our skills, we are excited to have some awesome cannabis copywriting colleagues to refer you to.

Whether you’re working with a content writer or a copywriter, one principle remains: your content can either make or break your brand. Leave it up to the professionals!