Event Coverage: Canndora’s “Women and Cannabis: What’s Out There for Me?” Event

On Monday, August 20, I had the privilege of joining Canndora for “Women and Cannabis: What’s Out there For Me?”, where the topic was legalization, wellness, women and weed.

I have been a long-time subscriber to the content and work of Canndora, and it was excellent to see the team in person (save for their head honcho Katie Pringle, who wasn’t able to attend and a few others!). I saw the magic that I only knew Canndora to be come alive in the event.

The panel of speakers consisted of Angelina Blessed, Rachel Colic, Sabrina Ramkellawan, and Jessica Moran; each woman offered different perspectives about cannabis from their work and lives.

Angelina Blessed of Blessed Edibles shared her journey with connecting cannabis with fitness, being one of the most fit women I’d laid eyes on (a former muay thai fighter). It was evident that what she was doing within her cannabis routine, worked. She made excellent recommendations about how to connect THC and CBD to your fitness routine, highlighting the benefits of THC and sativas for the “get up and go” drive you need for fitness. CBD, of course, was highlighted for its anti-inflammatory effects. We also learned that you could juice your cannabis leaves to get the benefits of THC-A and CBD-A.

Rachel Colic of PureSinse, founder of Eves of Eden, and host of High Friends podcast offered some incredible insights on the ACMPR (Access to Cannabis For Medical Purposes Regulations), and the ways that people will use cannabis post-legalization. She also told us of the buzzing excitement surrounding the other cannabinoids, citing a researcher from Israel calling THC and CBD the “boring cannabinoids”. Rachel made me excited for cannabis’ future.

Sabrina Ramkellawan speaks my language of science and clinical research. I was particularly excited to hear about the ways she broke down the important cannabinoids and helped us understand how they interact with our endocannbinoid system. There was important talk about strains, and how when we talk about “sativas” or “indicas”, we are only talking about plant origin, not necessarily the effects.

Jessica Moran of Strainprint shared how user data is helping to inform people to “use cannabis better”. Their app helps people track their cannabis sessions, and target their symptoms. Jessica also talked about strains and how “strain names are irrelevant”, highlighting that we should be looking at terpenoid and cannabinoid profiles rather than strain names. Cannabis can be called the same name in two different dispensaries but can result in very different products.

The discussion ended with a focus on women and cannabis, and how brands, like Canndora, 48North, and Emblem have emerged to provide more women-friendly products in an otherwise male dominated industry.

With legalization of cannabis, and more women catching on to the power of the plant, we can expect to see women’s health become an important discourse. “We have the opportunity to propel women’s issues to the forefront,” said Moran, setting a tone of empowerment over the room.

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to meet other highly professional women at this event, who all had their personal interests in attending and in cannabis. It’s an event I’ll not soon forget, and I look forward to attending future Canndora events.

Hats off to Canndora for a fantastic event!