A Profile of the Cannabis Woman of 2018: It's Time We Honor Her & Let Her Do Her Thing


She is fierce, she is smart, she gets shit done, and she uses cannabis on the regular.

Let me tell you about the women I know… the vaping, smoking, edible-eating, infusion making, tincture loving female who loves cannabis.

She’s your teacher, your next door neighbor, your yoga teacher, your fitness instructor, your mom group leader, your best friend, your sister, your mom… she’s me, she's you.

She gets up every morning, and gets her children ready – packs lunches, gets outfits coordinated, and hauls her children off to school. She may take a small pull on her vape or pop a cannabis-infused mint in her mouth as she goes through her to-do list, happily and dedicated to making her day count.

She commutes to work where she gets her job done, and stuns everyone with her ability to do everything that she was hired to do – and more. She’s organized, methodical, and her attention to detail makes sure her Is are dotted and her Ts are crossed.

Her ideas are creative, cutting-edge, and push the envelope. Her out-of-the-box thinking is not only because she is keen and smart as a whip, but because her tiny dose of that sativa helped bring out her creativity.

She has an entrepreneurial spirit, due to her endless creativity, ideas, inspiration, and drive – she knows an opportunity when she sees one, and she has the drive to find out more about what interests her.

She can solve problems like no one else. Her thinking is methodical, her approach is creative, and her reaction isn’t delayed. She knows she’ll get it done as she takes another pull from her vaporizer, or treats herself to a post-lunch edible square containing 10mg of cannabis oil.

The way she looks? She’s hot, she’s sexy, and she carries herself with pride and confidence. Her eyes are open to the world, her way of putting herself together is inspired, and she loves that small part of her day where she can focus on herself and feeling the very best in her skin. Maybe she’ll put some cannabis-infused topical body lotion to treat her endocannabinoid system to a healthy dose of cannabis glow, along with relaxation and invigoration.

It’s important she takes care of her body through fitness and meditative practice. Some days she will opt for yoga when she needs to bring some calming to herself. She’ll use a CBD rich strain to help her get in the zone. When she wants something more high impact, she’ll ease her sore muscles with CBD to reduce inflammation and restore movement.

When it’s time to relax, once she is satisfied with her day, she allows herself to enjoy her favorite indica strain – maybe she’ll roll a nice joint to indulge in, perhaps she likes glass or one-hitters… perhaps she likes to get creative and add some cannabis into her evening treat. Maybe she enjoys it with her partner, or maybe she keeps that little cannabis treat to herself.

Whatever she wants to do, she’s entitled to it.

She rests well at night because she’s had a productive day – she’s rocked it at work, has successfully juggled her work and her family life, and has ensured she has taken time for herself, to nurture the absolute queen she is.

THIS is the woman cannabis user of 2018. It’s time we all honor her.

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