Cannabis Education & Adult Learning Styles

Cannabis education is all about taking into account the different learning styles of people.

There are 6 basic learning styles that characterize adult education that cannabis education programs should take into account:

Visual learners take in information through simple, visual diagrams and the written word. Materials that incorporate photos, simple charts, diagrams, and basic (non-wordy) written information will appeal to this style.

Aural learners prefer hearing something in order for it to sink in, and will prefer to listen to materials read aloud or dictated.

Print learners need to read content and take notes so that they can retain the information, even if they’ll never look at their notes again.

Tactile learners learn by doing. They don’t like written instructions as much but prefer to dive in and try things for themselves.

Interactive learners benefit from discussing the content in front of them with others and retain information by talking it through.

Kinesthetic learners learn by movement and prefer to get up and move around while they learn. These kinds of learners benefit from interactive activities that will drive certain concepts home.

CannaWrite works with companies who are producing educational content to ensure that not only is your content accurate and engaging, but that it is compiled in a way that helps all learning styles retain the information.

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