Is Your Canadian Cannabis Company Failing to Engage French Canadians?

CannaWrite was privileged to collaborate recently with WordFrog Inc, a premier French translation service provider headed by Mélanie Bernier. The company primarily serves manufacturers and corporations whose French-language needs do not warrant the hiring of an in-house translator.

Our collaboration highlighted for us how important it is for cannabis companies to ensure they're not forgetting a large population of cannabis users in Canada: French-speaking Canadians.

An Important Part of Canadian Culture

According to Bernier's website, French Canadians still have a very prominent role in Canada, despite bilingualism being on the rise. 7.2% of Canadians are Francophone, with 80% stating that French is their first language.  18% of Canadians report using cannabis within the last year, and over 15% of Quebecers admitting that cannabis is part of their lifestyle.

Bernier goes on to include the importance of including French language communications within the overall strategies that are designed to engage and educate ALL Canadians about cannabis as recreational marijuana legalizes across the nation this summer.

"Prominent cannabis industry players in the U.S. states have gone above and beyond to provide informative lifestyle and health content to recreational users of cannabis,” says Melanie, in an article on her website, “We have an opportunity in Canada to replicate the excellent communication strategies of the global cannabis movement in Canada while ensuring inclusiveness in the two official languages that make our country unique.”

Melanie couldn't be more right. 

Ensure You Reach French Canada's Cannabis Enthusiasts

I recommend that all cannabis companies who are looking to engage Canada's French-speaking population in cannabis reach out to Melanie and WordFrog Inc. Please see her website where she presents very useful information about the role of French language in cannabis, including bilingualism in cannabis and guidelines for packaging and labeling cannabis products for bilingualism in Canada.