How Much Do You “Know” About Cannabis?: Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy to Cannabis Education

As an educator, largely building my own education path on understanding how others learn, Bloom’s Taxonomy has always been a part of my considerations.

Used to describe certain levels of comprehension, or domains of learning, Bloom’s Taxonomy, however adapted over the years, is a hierarchy that demonstrates people’s grasp on materials, concepts and information as it relates to the learning process.

Introducing Bloom's Taxonomy to Cannabis Education

I was compelled to bring up Bloom’s Taxonomy as it relates to cannabis education as I apply my knowledge of education, instruction, teaching and learning to the cannabis education space. It made me think: 

Are people actually learning about cannabis as best they can while they use it? 

As an advocate for cannabis, I am an advocate for also using cannabis in a responsible and informative way. Here’s where Bloom’s Taxonomy, or at least the principles of it become relevant to cannabis education.

Here’s how Bloom’s Taxonomy most commonly appears:

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Let’s Break It Down

Knowledge (or remembering) demonstrates a general awareness and recall of information. When you comprehend (or understand) something, you’re able to summarize or discuss the topic in some detail. Applying information involves experimenting or finding direct use for what you know. Analysis of information or the ability to analyze shows that you are able to see trends, or make connections between different ideas or outcomes. Synthesizing ideas brings past information, understood outcomes, and the base of knowledge to the table to create certain conclusions, evaluating this organized information to make decisions. Creating compels the learner to put together information in a creative way that not only applies their information, but brings new ideas, innovations or products to the table.

Aligning Bloom’s Taxonomy for Cannabis Education & Literacy

Have you thought about the way your cannabis consumer and clients learn about cannabis and what they actually know about cannabis?

Here’s a proposed way to see Bloom’s Taxonomy as applied to cannabis education and cannabis use.

Image Property of CannaWrite. 

Image Property of CannaWrite. 

Consider This

How much do you as a cannabis entrepreneur know about cannabis, how much does everyone on the supply chain know about cannabis, how much do prescribing doctors know about cannabis, and most importantly, what does the end user know about cannabis?

As participants in the legal cannabis community, we have a duty to create informative content that doesn’t only scratch the surface on cannabis. It helps people go from the “ok I get it” stage to truly applying, synthesizing, evaluating, and creating new knowledge.

The more we help others understand cannabis, the more we can help the cannabis community at large build intel, and find new knowledge that helps the cannabis industry advance.

Take a moment to consider where you stand on the Bloom’s Taxonomy Scale of Cannabis Education, and where you want yourself to be, your employees to be, and most importantly those who you’re reaching about the positive benefits of cannabis as you build your cannabis business.

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