5 Cannabis Websites with Kickass Content Best Practices

As a cannabis writer, it’s my job to not only help cannabis businesses develop engaging and informative content, but to also scour the internet for awesome examples of cannabis writing.

The following are blogs from around the internet, particularly stemming from the U.S.A., that create cannabis content that CannaWrite seeks to emulate.

Check them out!


Cova is a point-of-sale (POS) system for cannabis dispensaries. I’ve been watching their content for a while, as they do an excellent job of developing creative titles and using a Call to Action to their product. They engage in regular blogging so that their SEO-game is tight and their content is relevant and reliable. I often check in on this website to get some of the latest news on legalization and how the cannabis industry is changing.

Green Flower

This blog is TIGHT, with a great layout that proves the effectiveness of using tags and categories in your cannabis blogging. This site has some awesome writer contributors, including Rachel Garland, who is the founder of Women of Cannabiz. The site truly rises to its role as an educating and informing body for all things cannabis. The blog is one to watch.


I like this site because of the way they use images in their blogs. It’s a relatively new site that is focused on community-building and advocacy, yet it includes some of the most comprehensive cannabis growing content I’ve seen on the net. In the area of growing, there is A LOT of information that is conflicting; the writers here have done a good job of consolidating all the mish-mash into a reliable source.

The Cannabist

To me, the Cannabist, which is an offshoot of The Denver Post is the godfather, grandfather and big brother of cannabis writing. While it is a news source that emulates newspapers, it’s a reliable source for up-to-the moment news, and engaging articles that tell the stories behind cannabis life.

CannaLaw Blog

The cannabis industry needs a reliable source for cannabis law, as it can get very confusing. Cannabis lawyers who have blogs break down new legislation into layman’s terms, making the deep folds of the law accessible to everyone. It’s a good blog to check out to ensure you’re up to date with the cannabis laws across the U.S.A. While this is tied to a specific law firm, I hope to see more of these kinds of blogs crop up as a means to educate all sectors of society about cannabis and the law.

Cannabis writing at its finest! CannaWrite seeks to emulate the best practices in SEO, keyword generation, knowledge translation, and content writing to provide services specifically for the cannabis industry.

Connect with CannaWrite to discuss how we can create great content like the websites mentioned above who have their content game on point. Thank you to these awesome websites for leading the way in awesome cannabis content!