What is a Cannabis Writer?

I believe in the positive benefits of marijuana, and I really like to write. 

I never could have predicted that I could combine the two to create a rewarding career that allows me to continue my dedication to the cannabis plant while working with the cannabis industry's top professionals.

Trust me, there is some impressive stuff going on out there.

A cannabis writer is not what you think. Sure, there may be cannabis involved in the writing process, but it's much more than just tokin' and bloggin'. 

I've poured through pages and pages of cannabis legislation across the legalized U.S. states, Canada, and across the world.

I've written about legalization and what operations need to do to stay on the right side of the law.

I've researched and communicated the health benefits of cannabinoids (CBDs) and how if we legalize cannabis, health systems can see real change.

I've meticulously read in order to understand what's involved in growing, right down to the science of the plant processes involved in growing the cannabis plant. I am probably the most educated marijuana grower that actually doesn't or will never grow.

I've found all the most influential cannabis movers and shakers, and have learned from their efforts and have done my best to emulate and spread their work. Again, there are some incredible people I've been honored to connect with through a shared agenda of cannabis information and education.

Sure, cannabis writing does involve enjoying the beauty and splendor of the cannabis plant, but I see my work as much more.

My work is a vocation towards change, towards spreading information, changing perspectives and changing lives. 

Smoke safely, smoke freely, and don't forget to pass.