5 Habits of Outstanding Leaders in Cannabis Communications

As a communications professional, it’s my job to take notice of some of the strategies people use to communicate and notice the patterns which hinder or help a professional’s profile with their clients and the greater cannabis community.

Here are some of the top habits I notice of some of the most effective communicators I have come across in the cannabis industry that I want the rest of the industry to take notice of.

1)    Being Active on Social Media

I often rely on the social media feeds of some of my collaborators in cannabis communications as a resource to help me keep up on big developments in the cannabis industry. Cannabis agencies such as Studio 420: A Cannabis Friendly Creative Agency use their Facebook and Twitter feeds to curate some of the most important information for the followers of the cannabis community.

Canndora, a Canadian company that focuses on using their social media for profiling brands and women-specific cannabis news to a primarily women’s community. They advocate on behalf of women and take a community-approach to their content.

On the daily, there is a lot of information available on cannabis that all cannabis businesses should be tuned into. I rely on tools like Feedly to help me curate my cannabis news and use easy-share tools to relay information to my cannabis followers. It helps your clientele see you as an informed and engaged part of the cannabis movement.

2)   Courteous Email Communications

Believe it or not, the way you approach your emails sends a STRONG signal to those you communicate within the professional cannabis environment.

Ask yourself the following questions about your email habits:

  • Do I acknowledge and answer emails that I receive from potential collaborators or colleagues in a timely fashion?
  • Do I take the time to adequately title emails and use a professional format?
  • Am I correct in my spelling of people’s names and salutations when addressing them in emails?
  • Do I proofread before hitting send?
  • Am I a chronic “reply all’er”?

With email becoming an increasingly large part of the way we communicate, all professionals can take the opportunity to brush up on their email skills. A poised, polished and professional approach to email can go long way in business growth.

One collaborator to CannaWrite is HARDCAR Security, and the attention to detail, rapport building, and efficient communications over email, despite their staff being a traveling staff across California, the USA and the world, is essential to ensuring our partnership is mutually rewarding for myself, HARDCAR, and their clients.

3)   Meticulous Attention to Proper Spelling and Grammar

CannaWrite has a long history of being concerned with the way people use grammar and spelling, with our roots being in the study of English Language and communications. We see poor grammar use and obvious spelling mistakes come through in cannabis communications too often. There is evidence that suggests that use of poor grammar can actually seriously affect your bottom line.  

People in cannabis need to know the difference between “you’re” and “your”; “effect” and “affect”. Consultants should be able to correctly spell the complicated words involved in cannabis, including cannabis compounds. They should know the difference between cannabinoid vs. cannabidiol, and be able to split apart the hundreds of acronyms like CBD, THC, THCA, and so on into more manageable and accurate parts.

I rely on tools like Grammarly to help me catch some honest mistakes in my writing. I also employ editors and other eyes on my work to make sure that I am using my language effectively.

4)   Being Resourceful

One thing that many cannabis professionals can attest to is having large to-do lists and struggling against time. A lot of the time, it’s hard to not want to take responsibility for people’s questions or want to help them with your business, but either time prevents you from being able to, or people’s questions fall outside the scope of your business. To simply not be of help to someone when in need of help in the cannabis industry can hurt your professional reputation and rapport-building.

You can easily boost your profile through the ways you help people, even if you aren’t directly benefitting… at first. Use your cannabis communications, or some of the available directories that can point you in the direction of people who can help, like those who show up on Women of Cannabiz’ directory, to make connections with others in the cannabis industry while serving the needs of those interested in cannabis services.

When you take the time to be collaborative, instead of competitive, you can open yourself up to new business possibilities that can equal growth for your company.

5)   Curating Original Content

A lot of businesses don’t create their original content, relying on the content of others to promote their own cannabis agendas. This is great, as it fosters opportunities for cross-promotion and helps spread information, but it can lead to a lack of fresh and relevant content for the cannabis industry.

Increasingly, companies are hiring professional writers like CannaWrite to help them create their professional content. International Highlife, a partner of CannaWrite is one of the most up-to-date news sources on cannabis worldwide, where the team takes time to write their own content on the daily while promoting cannabis businesses worldwide.

Marijuana Retail Report is another partner of CannaWrite who is involved in the curation of best practice information that helps keep entrepreneurs and professionals up to date on business trends and best practices. Keeping on top of content helps you show your business as an emerging expert in the cannabis industry in our own field.

Flower and Freedom is another great collaborator of CannaWrite that curates personal experiences of people using cannabis in their approach to fitness and well-being as it seeks to be a resource for cannabis education and information.

Become a Leader in Cannabis Communications

CannaWrite is a company that cares about the way that people in cannabis communicate, especially since cannabis and its use has legal, medical and societal implications.

Contact CannaWrite to discuss how you can step up your cannabis communications and content strategy to become a leader in cannabis communications and see growth in your business through the various communication services we provide.