Why It SUCKS to Write Your Own Cannabis Content

Content is key for keeping your cannabis business relevant. We’re long past the days where you can slap a bunch of text up on a website and hope that does your selling for you.

The thing is, it REALLY SUCKS having to put as much time and effort as you need to into your cannabis content to stay on top of the cannabis business. Here’s why:

1.       Blogging takes too much time

If you don’t keep a company blog that isn’t updating at LEAST once a month, two times a week at best, and once a week if you use best practices, your business could be seen as lacking fresh content. The cannabis business is always changing, and consumers constantly have questions that they look to cannabis experts for.

It’s very difficult for any cannabis professional to take time out of their operations to write, and write something well at that. With blogging, a CEO is expected to know the components of blog structure, a finance staff member is supposed to know how to blog for lead generation. Blogging takes WAY more time than you have.

2.      Social media management is a beast of a task

If you’re not updating your social media at least once a day, you may fall into the oblivion of unseen businesses who have no online presence.

Social media management involves creating thoughtful content, posting it at high engagement times, and being on hand to engage with your audience. It also involves being involved in the conversation online that’s happening on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, among other sites. If you’re not actively engaged with social media, your business star can fade.

No one has time to sit on their social media all day, schedule all their posts, or see how their analytics are shaking out.

3.      eBooks? Who has time to write an eBook?

Some of the top cannabis business sites have eBooks available for download right on their websites. This is a sharing of field or industry-specific knowledge right from the business to the customer. People love information and insights from real experts, and often they don’t want to have to pay for it. Having an eBook on your site generates leads and has people going to your site to retrieve something, knowing your cannabis business likely has something more to offer them in your paid services.

But really, who has time to write an eBook? To sit down, find focus of topic, build an outline, fill in content, ensure flow of information, write in a way that keeps people engaged, edit, design, and find photography for an eBook is an arduous tasks that takes weeks of dedicated work.

4.      Search Engine Optimization (SEO), whaaatt?

It takes a hell of a long time to plan website content that is engaging, gets the mission of your business across, and engages your prospect… especially when the average time someone spends judging your website is about 2.6 seconds or less.

But this is all assuming that you GET people to your website through your social media, handing out your business cards, or physically bringing people to your website. What are you doing to ensure your website ranks on the search engines? Is SEO a regular part of your content plan? Are you using keyword research, linking, and assessments to be able to determine how your website is ranking in people’s searches?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is both an art and a science and takes more than just wondering what people are searching for to hope your site gets seen.

5.      I’m not a freaking graphic artist

Facebook posts that are shared without an image gets 120% less engagement than those accompanied by an attractive and engaging graphic.

This requires being able to sit down with Adobe Photoshop, Piktochart, Canva, or another graphics program to design on-brand graphics to accompany your posts.

With this, branding is key – using your brand’s logo, color scheme, and ensuring that what your posting is recognizable is key in building brand recognition. That’s half the work.

The other half is choosing the content that goes ON the graphic, and that can be a pain in the ass. Do you put a quote? A photo? Where do you find stock photos? How do I actually create a pie chart? Design an infographic? What the hell is an infographic?

It Doesn’t Have to Suck

What if I told you that I have a team of qualified professionals who can take your content for you cannabis business 100% out of your hands? You won’t need to see another CMS platform, social media page, or blog again if you don’t want to.

CannaWrite provides a variety of services for cannabis-specific business that keeps them on top of the cannabis content game. We work with established professionals, usually in higher-level roles, to ensure that their online content matches their in-person awesomeness in expertise.

From growing, to legal, to social, to research, to medical benefits, to strain reviews, to dispensary best practices, to covering the cannabis news, we have a dedicated team of writers ready to take on your content under their subject-matter expertise.

Contact Anne-Marie at CannaWrite today to discuss how we can make you cannabis content superstars, and make content creation a lot less painful for you, while YOU concentrate on growing your cannabis business.