10 Reasons to Hire a Cannabis Writer for Your CannaBusiness

Copywriter, content writer, cannabis writer.

Who would you want to create your content for your cannabis business?

The world is full of generalized copy creators. I used to be one of these but quickly identified that straight copywriting wasn’t a fit. It didn’t have the heart in the work that I needed. I moved to becoming a content developer, which to me had a lot more meaning, but I was still generalized. I could write on almost everything, but a the same time felt I was writing on nothing at all.

Then I became a cannabis writer.

It was an easy yet hesitant decision to become a full-time cannabis writer. Would I have enough work? Would I get bored of cannabis? Would I miss being a generalized freelancer?

I made the leap, opened CannaWrite, I haven’t looked back since.

Why Cannabis Writers Lead the Writing Pack in Cannabis

Looking for someone to create your professional communications, blogs, social media, white papers, reports, market evaluations, training documents, web content, and…. Anything you need to be written?

Here are 10 reasons to hire a cannabis writer:

1.       We are subject matter experts. I eat, sleep, and breathe cannabis news, content and research.

2.      We have networks. Chances are with a cannabis writer, your relationship is going to extend beyond just me within the cannabis industry. I bring with me a strong network for potential collaborations.

3.      We find interesting stories within the greater cannabis ecosystem that allows YOUR COMPANY to stand out.

4.      We bring copy, content, and journalism skill sets to a very complicated industry.

5.      It’s our job to know cannabis regulations and best practices, especially when it comes to marketing and communications across states, provinces, and countries.

6.      We understand timeliness within the industry, as we know the communications that are occurring across the industry, ensuring content resonates.

7.      We are committed to “levelling up” the content that exists within the cannabis industry. We are dedicated to replacing inaccurate or misleading information, with accurate, informative and engaging content on cannabis.

8.     Our pre- cannawriting experiences usually round out what we have to offer as content writers. I have backgrounds in Human Resources, adult learning, communications, community engagement, data management, knowledge translation, research, public speaking, teaching, and curriculum development. I bring that into my work with my cannabis clients.

9.      Our libraries are extensive. I have a growing collection of books, resources, studies, links, and blogs that round out my repertoire of quoted materials and reliable resources. All sources and resources are vetted for accuracy and authenticity.

10.  Emerge as experts in cannabis. A cannabis writer knows a heck of a lot more than a generalized freelancer. Our cannabis knowledge and information have grown over time to be able to ghostwrite for others in order to help them be placed as cannabis experts within the field.

General copywriters may offer lower rates for their content. For startups and small businesses, this is often appealing. Sadly, generalized copywriters can leave their cannabis content reading flat.

Knowledge of cannabis and the ability to produce high-quality cannabis content depends on cannabis being their full-time job. Cannabis is my full-time job.


CannaWrite offers industry-leading content to the cannabis industry exclusively. We help create blogs, white papers, reports, funding documents, licensing applications, professional communications, handbooks, and almost anything that requires the dedicated time and talents of a full-time writer.

Connect with CannaWrite by emailing Anne-Marie at annemarie@cannawrite.net or fill out our collaboration form.